This Week I Learned - 2016 Week 28

Looking back to the last week post or you might want to check out the whole series.

Great rule when picking up any technologies for your development stack.
If a project is innovative in a business sense, then choose a boring technology. If it is boring in a business sense, then choose an interesting technology.

Newscombinator's best of bookmarks. Every links is worthy your precious time.

Caching your GitHub password in Git. Seriously, do this if you commit early and commit often to remote repository.

The Golden Age of Autodidacts. Don't be a passive learner but instead a self-directed learner. Knowledge workers like programmer should always improve their learning skills. Don't let the feeling of inadequacy stop you, incorporate purpose or meaning in your learning. Start analyzing your learn and work pattern. Adapt and adjust. It's always never too late to start anything.

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