This Week I Learned - 2016 Week 30

Looking back to the last week post or you might want to check out the whole series.

How to sort a hash in Perl. However, that is only for one column or key. How about multiple keys or columns? Similar, just with additional criteria.

Why SSH takes a long time to connect? Just update the SSH daemon configuration file.
$ vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
GSSAPIAuthentication no
UseDNS no

DebOps. A great showcase on using Ansible. Unfortunately, it still did not solve one of the main issue server provision on multiple distros as this only works on Debian or Debian-based distros. Meanwhile, there exists another tool, Molecule, to help testing Ansible under different environments.

Speeding up APT? Use Apt-fast, which is a wrapper for Apt which use different downloader which support parallel downloads.

Good introduction to Vue.js. Note that this is for version 1.0 but the concept still relevant.

How to implement infinite scrolling. Surprisingly the concept is very simple.

Probably the best REPL for Perl, Reply.

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