This Week I Learned - 2017 Week 04

Last week post or the whole series.

What is like to reach the end of middle age and heading towards old age? Both good and bad. The good thing is after a perennial quest of what you want out of life, you finally have some ideas on what to pursuit. The bad? Eventually reality will catch up on you. Your body is getting weaker, both physically and mentally. Distractions or rather addiction to distractions to fend off. Resistances to stay focused due to our short attention spans (made worse by increase mobile phone usage). And never ending growing lists of to-do items to check off. Hence, before this coming Chinese New Year, I've decided to do some virtual "house cleaning", remove and clear off all those pending draft blog posts, my digital drives, and others. One of the post is Using ansible-lint with Git's pre-commit. However, nothing much can be written down this week as I've limited Net access.
#1 Why you shouldn't use delay function in embedded project (Arduino). You should use non-blocking function (also known as asynchronous function) or work along the hardware timer. Working with embedded project made me realized that I'm quite ignorant about programming with constraints and limited resources. Well, if you spent most of your web development time with PHP, I doubt anyone needs to worry much about optimization, just delegates to the frameworks.

#2 "Sometimes people fit snugly into a crack in the world that fits their shape, and sometimes no such crack exists." via HN. Very well written comment.

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