ISTQB Certification Road Map

As I was looking into Test Driven Design (TDD) and software testing, eventually you will going to encounter ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) certification. While some may argue that having certification is meaningless (I do agree, some were created just to make money), I'm more interested to find out the body of knowledge have been covered for software testing itself. This was inspired by something similar, the SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge).

Based on the official road map stated, there are basically three categories of certification paths of Agile, Core, and Specialist. All three paths must originates from the Foundation Level. The Core certification path, by default is the conventional path to be taken as shown below (screenshot taken from ISTQB site). To finish the whole Core path, you will need to finish 6 exams, which I think is going to take quite a well.

However, for local Malaysian who are interested in pursuing this path, the local chapter, represented by the Malaysia Software Testing Qualification Board (MSTB) only have two ISTQB Certifications which are Foundation Level and Advanced Level (Test Manager). I suspect that the local software industry does not justify for any other ISTQB certifications beside these two.

Looking into other certification path, the Specialist path is indeed interesting. I'm wondering what does a tester going to test in a gambling industry? The slot machine or the online gambling which I think related to the Web?

Stay tuned. More about ISTQB in coming weeks.

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