This Week I Learned - 2017 Week 49

Last week post or something from the archive.

A few weeks ahead and we will reach the end of the year 2017 and embrace 2018. Slow week, lots of travelling and nothing much done. Interesting conversation with quite a few breeders.

Da Hu Fa is another good animation coming from China this year since the release of Big Fish & Begonia in 2016, preceded by Monkey King Hero Is Back in 2015. The Chinese animation industry comes a long way since the early days of Havoc in Heaven. It's still growing but still heavily influenced by Japanese anime in some ways and lack of the maturity and unique styles.

Interesting discussion on JavaScript itself with other developers. For RESTful API, use Koa.js (the development guide have some documentation), the next generation web framework for Node.js and the successor for Express.js.

Someone introduced me to Flow-based programming (FDP) and if you're using JavaScript, there is NoFlo. If you're from UNIX background, think FDP as pipeline or pipe and filter. Worth exploring and use it in your project? Well it depends, pretty much on the context or the type of system.

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