This Week I Learned 2017 - Week 52

Last week post and something from the current and previous years.

Last week of the year 2017. Is good to have some reflection by looking back at all the blog posts for the whole year. In total, including this post, I've written 75 posts, 17 more posts that last year. My plan for next year is hopefully even more post but on diverse topics rather than usual technical stuff.

Sedentary lifestyle is still an issue although how much I tried to get more active in my daily life either at my office and my home. The heatmap below illustrates that. Compare to last year, I'm comparatively less active. As you age, metabolism drop and lacking physical activity does impact you health someway or another. One good indicator is you gain more weight. Furthermore, you have to spend more money to buy new cloth. Having a pedometer does help but it's good you can have a weekly review of your daily steps taken. Having a weekly review on the step taken or exercises done is the plan for the next year. Adjustment through adding one or two micro habits into your daily life here. Awareness is the key here.

FOSS contribution? Unfortunately, still nothing much even though the daily commit streak was there. Is an ongoing battle on what to work on and pushing the first commit ahead. Although I've tried to created a few new project but didn't pursuit much ahead. My weekly reflection indicated that trying to do too many stuff at one time will make you overwhelmed and nothing much get done. The usual Analysis Paralysis symptom. Adjustment for 2018? Keep the daily streak but be more focus and set priority on what you want to do. Finish what you plan to do. If you can't, delegate or postponed it to a scheduled date, and move on to something else.

And this is how I plan to do in coming year of 2018.

Enough rambling, back to the usual stuff.

What did I miss? That probably the most important question you should either ask yourself or the domain expert in the pursuit of improving or mastering your craft. I've long seek the answer to this question. How good can you be? What is your threshold of your skill? The book The Talent Code did provide some answers (one of it is practice or the way how to practice but there is more to that). However, the missing piece is still how to sustain the curiousity to move forward, especially you've done the craft long enough and stuck in the "same sh*t different day" or "been there done that" mindset. This is very true when comes to software development where each year, some new techs were "rediscovered" again and again. However, this does not apply to professional sport where your genetic and age will play a crucial role in advancing your craft.

In MySQL, ON DELETE NO ACTION is the same as NO ACTION RESTRICT. Yet another quirk of our beloved MySQL database. Compare to the standard SQL or other real databases,  InnoDB storage engine does not supports deferred check, meaning that you can take no action on deleting a record during a transaction and resolve it before completing the transaction. Yay! Embrace the powerful feature of MySQL!

React is the future, inevitably you have to embrace it and add it to your front end development stack one way or another.

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