This Week I Learned 2018 - Week 04

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Fourth week of the new year and we've reached also the end of first month. Interesting that time flies and progress of the pending to-do list items still slow but moving ahead.

人生的長尾效應:25、35、45的生涯落點。职业的第二个阶段,你要如何去面对?当然我在多年前就清楚我擅长什么,热爱什么,及那些是备受肯定的能力。如何在自己的生涯中找到自己的落点? 职业生涯长达45年,在你人生中占据了一大半的岁月,自己好好去规划。记得,任何计划都必须有健康的身体去扶持。注意你本身的健康吧!


According to the discussion I have with different breeders and the show owners around Jalan Pasar, depends on the type of Betta fish, arrival of new stocks depends on the prices. Tuesday or Thursday (MYR 2.50) and Thursday or Saturday (MYR 5.00/6.00). Do not that more of these cheaper Bettas are rejected low grade fish. On a rare occasion you will have higher grade Bettas like Koi or Dumbo which is priced around MYR 20.00 - MYR 35.00.

Go for those less than MYR 10.00 if you're starting to raising Betta but don't want to fork out a lot of money. When I saw those kids buying these Betta with their clueless parent, definitely those Bettas will not survive long. Betta are quite sensitive to water parameters. Without keen monitoring, most of these bought fishes will die of infection due to bad water quality.

Forgot that I supposed to review my weekly steps walked. Hence, going to start this week with reflection and review. The plan is to try to walk 6,000 steps per day. This is doable if you walk more in the office, drink more water, eat more fruit, and go to rest room more often. You can gain more steps if you walk to eat your lunch and travel by train instead of motorcycle. A minor changes in your daily habit can have a significant improvement of total steps walked.

This week progress was quite good. Good if we can have 6000 steps per day. That the essential bare minimum. If you can hit 10000 steps per day that would be nice but that is optional. Experiences have shown when you walked more step a day before, you should let your body rest the following day. Awareness is the key here and that is the plan for next week. Compare to last time, aware of your weight and food intake. In short, move and don't stay stagnant.

Yes, it's almost one month into the year 2018. What are you looking forward to? What are you new year resolutions? CrushEntropy, my friend.

Steve Yegge left Google for Grab (via Reddit) Interesting comment about his guitar playing skill. Joke aside, we do need more vocal people to voice out somehow. I believe he is right, on the consumer side, Google is not really gaining any advantages over the competitors.

Surprising and shocking. I wondered if the video have been viral enough, what would the manufacturer of the said "healthy" drink would do? Lawyer up and sue?

Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180125 : HMPK Marble (M) x HMPK Blue (S)

Our next breeding project after the success of the Gold HMPK. We did so to compare to study and compare the male Betta behaviour in leaving the father with fry breeding method. Interestingly, both spawns

Male: HMPK Marble (Pinkish white with blue dots)
Age: 5+ months
Temperaments: Curious and chill.
Size: Medium (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

Our first HMPK marble male Betta. Initially we bought him from local aquarium shop due to its slim and rectangular body size. We didn't realize that the male Betta was still a junior. As the male aged, the body shape grew to a normal HMPK size, an oval rounded shape around the head.

Female: HMPK Blue
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Aggresive
Size: Medium (2.5cm body only)
Grade: C

The same female Betta that we used for breeding after the failed first breeding spawn. Initially we thought it will not work, but surprisingly it did. Unfortunately, the female was one of the casuality due to Ich or white spot disease outbreak. Always quarantine your fishes before introduced to any community tanks.

Log Notes
Both male and female Bettas have been released into the breeding tank. The regular tagging and courting followed through. Initially we thought this spawn will not work as the female Betta have been used for other breeding spawn project. Hence, we left both fishes alone overnight to have more privacy to continue their breeding.

When the male Betta started to attack the female Betta, we assumed that the mating have completed. Surprisingly, when we saw the number of fry, we realized this spawn has the biggest number of fry, roughly around 200-plus. We were sharking our head on how to get more plastic jar and where to store these Betta after 2-plus months.

We were surprised that the total fry population have been reduced to 20-plus fry. There were two possible reasons, the male Betta have eaten quite a number of those fry or there was an infection where most of the weak fry have been infected and died. Googled answer suggested the former explanation. The next action was to remove much of the floating plants which gave us much more clearer view of the whole breeding tank. We also fed the male Betta more frequently or larger meal.

In order to increase the size of the fry, we've decided to change 50% of the water on daily basis and feed the fry 2 or 3 times per day.

It has been 6-plus months and we haven't jar any of the juvenile Bettas in the breeding tank. Both the male Betta (father) and its offspring were living together harmoniously. We were wondering because some or all the younger Bettas were female Bettas? A few observations during this 3 months gap:

1/ The male Betta (father) was fighting for food (pellets) with these younger Bettas.

2/ No casualty and infighting within this spawn. The male Betta did not act like the alpha male within the group but like a sibling contrary to what we read online regarding the leaving fry with father method.
3/ Growth rate was slow. Even after 6-plus months, some Bettas body size still remains at normal 2 months growth size.

4/ Most of the younger Bettas did not show any good colourization. Most likely the male Betta (father) gene have override the female Betta gene. 

5/ No sickness ever encountered within this spawn compare to others. We're not sure but every fishes seem quite healthy. Maybe because the abundant of Amazon Frogbit and the water always infected with Green Algae.

Moved the male Betta out as it has infection on its head and was put under medication.

Moved all the Betta into the main female community tank. We assumed that all the Betta left in the tank were female.

1/ Jar the young Bettas around 1.5 months to make sure they grow faster. According to the online literature (unproven and just observation), bigger fry will release hormone that inhibit the growth of younger fry due to competition. We found this quite true for other breeding project where we jarred these Bettas and can observer immediate growth rate within a few days.

2/ It's quite hard to have fair food allocation for each Bettas within the breeding tank. The male Betta (father) body size shrunk as these fry grown bigger and have to fight for food against them.

3/ Because when breeding Marble Betta. You may obtain a spawn of Betta fishes with no colour patterns or ugly colour patterns. We can't find one single good quality (good looking) Bettas within this spawn although this was the healthiest group.

Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180124 : HMPK Super Gold (M) x HMPK White (S)

Our third attempt to breed Betta fish. We found this super gold male Betta at a reasonable price and immediately mated it with a white female Betta. Most of the female were either recovery from Ich outbreak or not decent enough for breeding.

Male: HMPK Super Gold
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Curious and chill.
Size: Medium (3.0cm body only)
Grade: C

This super gold male Betta was the only male Betta that was gentle and really nice to its fry. Wish all the male Bettas were somehow similar to this one.

Female: HMPK White
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Moody child like.
Size: Medium (2.5cm body only)
Grade: C

The last two female Betta that survived that Ich outbreak. Since it's was ready to breed, we immediately put this female to the breeding tank.

Log Notes
Mating quite less than spectacular and not that aggressive. The male Betta already building a large bubble nest under the Indian Almond leaf.

One of the fry which was injured in the breeding tank. We took this one out and put it in a small container with Methylene Blue. Unfortunately, it didn't survive after we've put it back to the breeding tank. We thought once this little one can start to eat tiny pellet, it should be good enough to go back to the breeding tank.

Maybe we're overfeeding the Betta fishes? The young Bettas were growing just fine and average sizes were not much differences in the spawn.

Cleaned up the breeding tank and removed most of the Green Algae. Besides this, we've trimmed the root of the Amazon Frogbit and replaced 50% of the water in the tank together with half-glass of Indian Almond leaves extract. Furthermore, we've added a filter (finally). Overall the tank looks far more cleaner and both the male and the juvenile Betta looked happier.

Noticed that those young Bettas in the breeding tank were inactive and resting at the bottom of the tank. Our hunch told us maybe the water condition in the tank was at danger level. Hence, we replaced 60% of the water in the tank and added some aquarium salt. We also removed all those Amazon Frogbit but replaced fresh new ones from other breeding tank. Let see how it work out after some water changes.

The male Betta was too bloated and having difficulty swimming up to take a breath. We've decided to remove him from the breeding tank. This was due to our fault as we overfed the whole spawn and their was not much interesting stuff for the male Betta to do.

One of the juvenile Betta did not survive and have to be removed. We suspected this was due to drastic water changes or maybe over feeding.

Sad news. The male Betta did not surive. Found the fish was floating and no movement what so ever.

We jarred the male Bettas and moved all the female Bettas to the large tank which also contains fishes from BSL20171231. We considered that this spawning project have been completed.

Most recent update on the Betta of this spawn. These batch of Bettas are roughly 6-plus months old and most are still well alive. Some were given away as a present but we're not sure about their status. I doubt any beginner will manage or have time to take care of it well like we first started. As the photo below shown, this is not a good quality Betta as the gold colour of the male Betta have been diluted in the next generation.

1/ Do not overfed. Remember, remaining foods should be siphoned out ASAP, unless you have aquatic plants.

2/ Find a good pair of Betta fishes so you can or maybe have good quality offspring. The young Bettas we obtained were not really up to our taste and can be considered as rejected grade. Nevertheless, it's a good learning experiences.

3/ Constantly change water if possible, no matter how many percents and again, if possible, on daily basis.

This Week I Learned 2018 - Week 03

Last week stuff and all the archive posts.

大水冲了龙王庙 (一家人不认一家人)。看了几套大陆片,一直听到这句歇後語(英文应该是Idiom吧?)非常适合那些说话不直截了当,话中有话的人。另外还有几句普遍的,例如:
  • 有事鍾無艷,無事夏迎春
  • 豬八戒照鏡子(裏外不是人)
  • 秀才遇到兵(有理說不清)
  • 無事獻殷勤 (非奸即盜)
  • 泥菩薩過江(自身難保)
  • 快刀斬亂麻 (乾淨俐落)

Chinese New Year is around the corner, surprisingly this year, the weather is getting colder and not warmer especially after the Dongzhi festival. Several fishes have died due to infection and we suspected that tank contamination from other fishes without quarantine and cold weather may be the root cause. Water parameters are a dead and life issue for these fishes.

All the Bettas have been quarantines and water changes done on almost daily basis. Some of them are recovering and seems more active. We have change our approach to water changes and sea salt, which are good practices to keep the fishes healthy. Unless necessary, no more chemical like Malachine Green (debatable toxicity issue, it can kill both bacteria or fishes). Methylene Blue or Formaldehyde (aka Formalin) are still safe to use. Even so, each antimicrobials have their own safety issue and met with apprehension issue in the fishing industry, especially aquaculture (fishes breed for eating). Aquarium medication is an interesting area for investigating. Expect more future discussions on this.

Overfed your fishes? Expect bloating and constipation issue to follow suit. Nothing but pea to help them with their digestion. Surprisingly these fishes crave pea. Well, pea should be on their weekly diet then.

cron.weekly is no more. It's not easy to continuously writing up and weekly aggregate posts. Definitely you're going to burn out somehow or another. I've tried different approach and the only possible way is to do it on daily basis, sit down in front of you computer for 15 minutes and write something up. Consistency is the key here, whether you like it or not.

Cal Newport have a good write-up on digital de-cluttering. Find and cultivate high-quality leisure instead of instant gratification low-quality digital distractions (news feeds, social media posts, or videos). A deliberated and strategic pause of using your mobile devices will have quite a significant effect on your daily life. What are your analog activities? These is something I need to reflect upon. For a start, rediscover what you like to do when you're young? Long forgotten hobbies? That's a good start!

Yes, I've installing and setting up my printer and scanner drivers the wrong way (using the official M2070W drivers from Samsung) for so long. There always this conflict between the printer and scanner driver everything I've upgraded my Ubuntu distro. It took me a while, but I was made aware there have been this The Samsung Unified Linux Driver Repository since 2015. Adding a repository, update, and install the necessary drivers and everything works as intended.

Timezone cheatsheet in MySQL. Timezone is always tricky and to do it correctly or explain it persuasively to layman.

This Week I Learned 2018 - Week 02

Last week post or something recent from the past.

农历新年即将来临,在寻找适当的春联Antithetical couplet)时,偶然读到古代的「烟锁池塘柳」这上联,自古以来,难有适当的下联。但花燃山色用程序来寻找最佳的下联即搞笑又聪明。佩服!佩服!话说回来,历代比较好的对句如下:

  • 烟锁池塘柳,灯镶酒坊楼。
  • 烟锁池塘柳,炮镇海城楼。
  • 烟锁池塘柳,桃燃锦江堤。

After watching the demo on how to build your Javascript project using Webpack and Gulp. I'm seriously wonder what the eff have happened to the web development, especially the front end? While I'm for using latest development tools if possible, but the complexity of building and bundle the JavaScript rubs me the wrong way. Yes I know, once you get used to it and embrace it somehow. Where was the simple way of building web application?

When you're getting a new fish or plant to your tank, you will need to quarantine both. The issue with introducing new fishes or plants is that they may carry disease, fungus, and bacteria. Having a proper quarantine procedures also prevent potential pests (e.g. snails, insects, or worms) from being introduced to your tank. How we going to do that then? A teaspoon of aquarium salt and Methylene blue (a drop per gallon, depends). Vinita Phord have written a good introductory guide on the whole process. Adapt and adjust on your own.

Interesting talk given by a fellow data scientist who was originally a developer. Wish more young fresh graduates could join the talk. On the career side, the presenter gave tips on how to get yourself ready in data science. Three things: build enough competency, have confidence, and know enough to get it through. Always hire for the right reason, not just mere head counts. For young people, the most important criteria for selecting a job is the role is supportive to your career growth. Not just the salary, when you're fresh, pick the right environment to learn and contribute. Unfortunately, the talk was diverted into another old unresolved discussion or dispute of why we don't have enough lady in tech?

Fishackathon. Just realized this week that such even exists. The monitoring device in the 2016 winner team piqued my interest. Does a similar devices on a smaller scale exists in the market for hobbyist? Yes, there is Open Aquarium (based on Arduino) which is, unfortunately, costly and bulky.

Surprised to found that famous illustrator or comic artist, Chen Uen have passed away last year. Parka Blog have a review of his works. While I'm not a fan of his works, I firmly believe that Wuxia comics should definitely drawn in traditional Chinese painting style rather than the typical manga style.

This Week I Learned 2018 - Week 01

Last year post or something from the past.

Happy new year 2018! Wedding is always an interesting and peculiar event, especially for someone like me. Nevertheless, it was a good short and simple ceremony.

Down with illness. Most likely due to infection of trying to culture Infusoria for your tiny frys. Wash your hand thoroughly. A few unlucky fellows didn't manage to survive the overcrowded tank and succumbed to the stress and infection leading to Dropsy (YouTube) and Fin rot. While the S1 solution (Malachite Green. Warning, it was banned for food fish and the dye is carcinogenic. You will notice that no ingredient was stated behind the bottle label.) or sea salts (boosts up the immune systems) did help but not for all cases. There is no cure for late stage infection. Still, prevention is better than cure. However, lack of experience, no quarantine procedures, diligence, it's very hard to maintain good water quality and acceptable temperature for each species in the tank.

What are the available methods of spawning Bettas? The are so many and each one of them have pros and cons. While the local experience breeders prefer the Thai way, those living in the city without access to open spaces have to stick with the Shallow Method. The one thing we learned was patience and preparation are crucial for a successfully spawning without killing the Betta pairs as well as the frys. There are so many steps in conditioning the Betta pairs and make sure male don't kill the female and eat those hatched frys.

The Looming Storm. It has been a while since the last good suspend thriller film coming from mainland China.

Kong kong kong kong kong kong kong kong kong kong kong. Being a native Hokkien speaker, I still can't get it right. This reminded me of the Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, a good example of homonyms and homophones.

To people who are doing startups, read the story of how DropBox started as a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). The one particular slide (screenshot captured below) contains enough good advice on how to release your MVP to test the market, adjust, and re-release to grab the market share. An MVP maybe even be an Excel sheet with clickable user interface. Yes, there are people who use Excel sheet as good prototyping tool. Did I mentioned that most web apps are glorified Excel sheet?

What did you work on in 2017 and what are your 2018 resolutions? The usual annual reflection and future projection. The GarageScript and Hacker Dojo looks interesting but make a world a better place? Doubt so, do we need more software engineers? Meanwhile, this should be in the bucket list of most tech person, take a sabbatical year, move to smaller town, down sizing everything, and do things you want to do there. Best way to summarize THE 2018 resolution.
"Less consuming, more creating. Doesn't matter what it is, doesn't matter if it's bad."
piu piu SH. Horizontal shooter game written in Bash! Yes, Bash! Impressive indeed.