Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180308 : HMPK Yellow (M) x HMPK Marble (S)

The reason for this spawn was to keep the male Betta "Banana" occupied so the male Betta can have an active lifestyle while taking care of its fry. Banana have been with us for quite some time and we decided to let him starts his own family. From our experience, having the male Betta taking care of the fry made them more active and happier.

Male: HMPK Yellow
Age: 7+ months
Temperaments: Relaxed, peaceful, and quiet.
Size: Medium (3.5cm body only)
Grade: B

One of our longest living male Betta in the collection. Initially we have doubt about its gender as it seemed to mix well with different Betta either male or female (in a big aquarium tank) and does not show any aggressiveness towards other fishes in the tank.

Female : HMPK Marble
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Active and curious.
Size: Small (2.5 cm body only)
Grade: C

Log Notes
The female was released into the breeding tank after the male failed to mate with another female giant. Initial tagging was observed and as usual, the female was hiding within the aquarium plants. We decided to keep it as it as the aquarium plants were sufficient enough as the hiding place for the female. A glass of Indian Almond leaves was used to condition the pair.

Mating occurred around 9-something PM. The male having difficulty mounting the female due to lack of experiences. However, mating was successfully and a small number of eggs produced. Contrary to common male behaviour, the female was the one busy picking up the eggs into the bubble nest. The male was not taking part in collecting the eggs. Female was removed and put into another isolated tank for 7 days quarantine before we put her back to the sorority community tank.

We noticed that quite a number of eggs have been missing from from the bubble nest. Suspected that the male Betta may have eaten some of these eggs (most likely infertile eggs). The male seemed like less active or enthusiast compare to other male Betta when comes to taking care of their fry.

Fry started to hatch and hang tail-down. The male started to pick them up as they swam vertically for now. Compare to yesterday, the male Betta was more attentive and busied.

We removed the male Betta due to mouth infection. The left side of the mouth have been swollen for quite some times. The male Bettas was quarantined into separate jar with medication and darker place to prevent any distractions that can cause stress.

Although it's already 3-plus months, we haven't jar all the Bettas as we don't see any fighting among the Bettas. However, most Bettas were quite colourless and the bright yellow of the male Betta (father) have not been inherited to the next generation. Colour wise, this batch of Betta can be considered as disappointing. We suspected that majority gender of the Bettas were female.

The male Betta did not survived.

Moved all the Betta into the main female community tank. We assumed that all the Betta left in the tank were female.

1/ While Betta fish prefer still water (in the wild as well), having a filter (corner filter) which have vertical water outflow can lead to more active Bettas. This is similar to have adult Bettas see each others and fight in separate jar to promote digestion. Some water resistance in the tank will make these Bettas more active and healthy.  

2/ We still feed BBS to the younger Bettas even after 2 months old. We suspected the leftover of the BBS shell have an impact to the water quality which leads to the swollen mouth of the male Betta. Reading through the interviews by experienced breeder, daily water changes is essential for healthy Bettas.

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