Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180313 : HM Yellow Dragon (M) x HMPK Marble (S)

One of the hardest breeding project. The poor male Betta have been rejected twice by two different female Bettas until the third female Betta. We seldom see yellow dragon, hence we bought him to our collection. Personally, I'm not a fan of HM (Half-Moon) and CT (Crown Tail), compare to PK (Plakat), those former two types are harder to keep.

Male: HM Yellow Dragon
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Curious and aggressive.
Size: Medium (3.5cm body only)
Grade: B

Under good lighting, any metallic Betta (called Dragon) will shine through your aquarium (the crappy and shaky photo shown below really does not justify it). We didn't realize that until we have moved the male Betta to a bigger aquarium under a good LED lighting. Expect more Dragon Betta in future, most likely a PK.

Female : HMPK Marble
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Active and curious.
Size: Small (2.5 cm body only)
Grade: C

Nothing particular interesting about the female Betta. We put her in as we've noticed she was physically ready to spawn as there are many eggs under the belly.

Log Notes
Found this yellow dragon and decided to acquire it during our trip back to city. While I'm not much a fan of HM, but my SO seemed to like this rare yellowish HM Dragon Betta.

We've decided to remove the yellow tail female PK as the poor fish have been suffered enough. The was no way that this pair will mate and we have tried for several weeks. Pity though, is hard to find the same tail colour. The male was really fond of this female and tried its best to mate with the female but things just don't work out between this pair. See the damaged to the fins. The female have been taken out and put into quarantine tank for recovering and was doing well. Reflecting back, we did not put any Indian Almond leaves extract to the breeding tank, maybe that was why the female Betta was not ready to mate.

Finally the poor male Betta mated with a female, most likely during midnight till early morning. Interestingly, the male built the bubble nest next to the bubble wrap instead of underneath it. The male seemed quite happy and actively repairing the nest. We moved the female Betta from the breeding tank into a jar.

The male Betta rebuilt and moved the bubble nest under the bubble wrap. Everything seemed to be in right order. We're just waiting for these eggs to hatch.

Even more bubble created making the bubble nest even taller. The fry starts to swim vertically and this is quite a large spawn. We're not sure how the male Betta going to behave and we hope more fry will survive.

Daily feeding of BBS to the fry. Due to our busy schedule, we can only feed the fry once per day. Typically, at minimum, the fry should be fed at least twice per day.

The number of fry in the breeding tank somehow reduced a bit compare to last time but the number still quite a lot. The male Betta was idle most of the time and making some bubbles from time to time. But is too early to tell whether the male Betta will slowly eat up all the remaining fry.

The yellow dragon succumbed to illness and was not able to make it. We've cleaned up the breeding tank and did a 95% water change and the fry are all doing well.

It's almost 3-plus months, we believe this was the only good Red Dragon we saw in the breeding tank.

1/ Again, HM (Half-Moon) is always quite sensitive and fragile. Frequent water changes is needed if we still want to breed HM Bettas.

2/ If the first Betta pair did not mate. Do not replace it with another female Betta. Let the male Betta rest a while before continuing with another female Betta. Investigate why both Bettas will not mate. There can be quite a few reasons such as water quality, short conditioning, or sickness of one or both Bettas.

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