Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180315 : HM Red Base (M) x HMPK Blue (S)

This was a pending breeding project. We've tried to breed the male Betta with the same female for a few times but it was not working. The female Betta was full with eggs and ready to mate. But somehow it never worked out between both fishes. Then we switched to another female Betta and surprising they mated. We were waiting for vertically lines from the female Betta but none was observed.

Male: HM Red Base
Age: 4+ months
Temperaments: Aggressive and fast.
Size: Medium (3.5cm body only)
Grade: B

The male Betta was an interesting one indeed. Originally we bought it together with a few female Bettas assuming that it was a female as well. Then we just put it into the community tank thinking that it can integrate with other fishes. We didn't pay much attention until there was an Ich outbreak. We managed to quarantine it and only realized that this Betta as actually a male Betta. Furthermore, it also survived a Popeye disease. We did a full water changes together with Methylene Blue on almost daily basis.

Female: HMPK Blue

Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Normal
Size: Medium (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

We can't think of anything about the female Betta. Unimpressive among all the females, hence we use it to breed with this male.

Log Notes
The eggs have been moved to the bubble nest. We also noticed some aggression of the male Betta towards the female Betta. Thus, we took out the female and quarantine it. The breeding tank was infected with Green Algae but we decided nothing should be done so far.

The male Betta moved all the eggs to another bubble nest under the Amazon Frogbit plant. We suspected that we frightened the male when we extracted the female out from the breeding tank. We did some cleaning on the tank to remove the green algae.

The male Betta moved or created another bubble nest after we cleaned up the aquarium tank due to Green Algae.

We moved the male Betta to another jar as the whole spawn was too small and the fish was not looking well.

The male Betta did not survive although medication was given in the quarantine jar.

We moved the remaining fry to a small isolated bowl with medication. Some fry did not survive but quite a few managed to stay on.

The remaining fry were moved to the BSL20180313 breeding tank. This was done to free up more breeding tank and it's easy to feed all young Bettas in a same breeding tank. No BSS will go wasted.

1/ Do not, I repeat, do not breed any sick Bettas. First, you will have unhealthy fry and secondly, this increased more stress or infection to all affected Bettas.

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