Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180316 : HMPK Super Red (S) x HMPK Blue (S)

Size does matter! One of the difficulty in breeding Betta fish is the male size. If you have a small male Betta, it's very hard for the male to mate and breed with the female Betta. Generally, the female Betta will become more aggressive and attack the male Betta instead. This was the case here for this particular small male.

Male: HMPK Super Red
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Fast and very aggressive.
Size: Small (2.5cm body only)
Grade: B+

We were thinking maybe the small size because this male was still a juvenile. But after one month of observation and being well fed, the body size still remains the same. Hence, our conclusion this was a mature male Betta but with smaller body size.

Female: HMPK Blue
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Quiet and passive.
Size: Small (2.0cm body only)
Grade: C

The second smallest female Betta in our collection. Yet, we think it was a suitable choice for the small size male. While we can't see vertically stripe lines and any eggs from this female, we believe this female can mate with the male. Colour-wise, it's unimpressive with dark blue although the body shape was quite nice.

Log Notes
Let the blue female Betta into the breeding tank. The male was very playful with the female but not attacking it in any possible way. We thought history going to repeat itself again where both fishes will flare each other but will not mate.We leave it as it without any interference.

Since there was not eggs produced and the blue female Betta was inactive at the corner, we replaced the female with another super red female Betta. As usual, using the same water from the breeding tank, quarantined the blue Female for a few days before we relocated it back to the sorority community tank.

We're surprised to find out that fry were hatching and swim vertically this morning. We thought that the original pair failed to mate. The next step was to remove the other female Betta super red from the breeding tank immediately. The poor super red female Betta was bitten quite a few times and its fins was somehow damaged due to our oversight. Note to self, check the bubble nest properly with good light source. Maybe the bubble wrap was not a good choice for a base of bubble nest, it was hard to observe any eggs.

The male Betta was busy gathering and tendering the fry. We were cautious and careful about the male Betta eating up the whole spawn.

Since last week, fry count was substantial low and the counting today indicate it was left with 3 to 5 fry. The surviving fry was in good shape but we wonder how many will survive in coming weeks. There was plan to move all the fry to the BSL20180310 breeding tank.

However, we've cleaned up the breeding tank and jarred the male Betta. Four fry was moved to BSL20180313 instead.

1/ Another failure with leaving father with fry method. There was quite a large number of fry initially but right now only four left. The plan to breed Super Red Betta did not go as plan. For the next breeding project involving this male Betta, will try with different method.

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