Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180319 : Giant Blue + Red (M) x Giant Red (S)

Another breeding project involving another pair of Giant Bettas. Nothing particular interesting about this pair but body shape and colour-wise, it's better than the other pair, BSL20180315. Since we have another pair, why not just breed the sake out of it?

Male: Giant Blue
Age: 4+ months
Temperaments: Aggressive.
Size: Medium (4.0cm body only)
Grade: B+

The best looking Giant Betta we have, good colours (a bit like metallic blue but not the red wash) and body shape. Unfortunately, the photo below doesn't do the justice of the male Betta.

Female: Giant Red
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Fast.
Size: Medium (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B+

The only full colour Giant Betta we have and good symmetric body shape. Nothing much particular noticeable about this female Betta. Yet again, the photo doesn't do the justice to the fish.

Log Notes
Mating was performed by the Giant pairs during midnight, hence we don't really saw the whole courting, tagging, biting, and mating ritual.

We decided to jar the female Betta but kept it in the breeding tank. Just want to try a different approach on keeping the male and female together, although separated.

The male Betta seemed a bit stressed and lingered and rested near the female Betta. Off course, there was the usual faring among the pair but nothing much. We're not sure why the male Betta picked a resting place so near to the female Betta.

Added more water to the breeding tank. It was infected with Green Algae but nothing to be concerned about. However, fry count was quite low, roughly around 10-plus. Furthermore, the size of the fry was too small compare to other spawn started roughly the same time. Maybe because the female Betta was around and causing some stress to the male Betta and it started to eat its own fry. One thing we noticed, the male Betta was not an active father and mostly spent its time floating around.

No fry was found. We've decided to clean up the whole breeding tank. Both the male and female was doing just fine and swimming around. Both the Bettas were placed in the same breeding tank. No plan to breed both and it's time just wait for the male to make bubbles and the female was ready.

Both the male and female Bettas were sick. We removed the female Bettas into its own quarantine tank with Methylene blue. The male Betta still remains in the breeding tank with Indian Almond leaves extract. The male Betta seemed to have a swollen lip and we suspected that it may injured itself or maybe the recent water changes. We also found a snail within the breeding tank and removed it immediately.

The female Betta did not survived after removing it from the breeding tank and into quarantine tank. Sad to say, this kind of affect our other breeding plan where we've acquired a Giant red male Betta. Having a pair of red Bettas should allow us to breed a bunch of red offspring.

While feeding the male Betta, to our surprised, we spotted the only surviving fry within the breeding tank and we thought none have survived even after 90% full water changed. The male Betta kept chasing the little fry and to prevent it from eating it, we decided to transfer the poor little fry to different breeding tank, BSL20180310. We believe this particular breeding tank is suitable as the fry within the tank have tremendously growth compare to other breeding tank. Let's hope it will survive though this coming months. We will know after all the fry have grow up.

Moved the male Betta from the breeding tank into smaller jar. Breeding tank was cleaned and stored for future breeding project.

1/ If the number of try was too low, maybe it's best to move the fry to other breeding tank with more fry.

2/ Having the female Betta around the breeding tank even after post-breeding may not be a wise choice. It seemed to affect the male Betta and causing unnecessary stress to the male Betta.

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