Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180325 : HMPK Marble Blue (S) x HMPK Red (S)

We made so many mistakes with this spawn and learned quite a lot of hard lessons here. The main lesson here was, never put in a pair of Betta fishes with mismatch size, especially when the male was smaller than the female.

Male: HMPK Marble Blue
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Extremely aggressive and brave.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

The last surviving Marble we have. Initially we thought it won't breed because it doesn't seem to make any bubbles since the first day we have it. And, certain Betta fishes from our northern neighboring country may be sterilized before being shipped out to us. But after certain arousal medication, it started to make bubble and afterward, bubble nest.

Female: HMPK Red Base
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Aggresive.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: C

Quite aggressive for its size and kept flaring at other male Bettas.

Log Notes
Both male and femala Betta was flaring each other and mating was tedious and aggressive. Both did mate, but only once or twice. No eggs were seen in the bubble nest.

We've noticed that the male Betta was injured and was panting in the far corner resting on the plastic bottle. Its operculum (the area that protect the gills) was shredded (See the arrow in the photo below). We immediately removed it from the breeding tank and quarantined it. As we're out of Indian Almond leaves, we resorted to use Malachite Green and keep the water level as low as possible. The recovery jar was put within a box so the male will not be interrupted.

The male Betta was doing well but still very weak. I've changed 80% water changed but retain the Machinate Green water. We will switch to different medication tomorrow if we still can't find any Indian Almond leaves.

Meanwhile, the female Betta was shredding eggs and picked it up itself. This was the first time we observed that a female Betta was shredding its own eggs if it can't find a male Betta to mate. Pity though, quite a number of eggs were wasted.

The male Betta was looking better and more active today. I believe its recovery was doing well.

1/ Size does matter! If you want to breed Betta fish, make sure you buy a medium or large size Betta. Those with smaller sizes are harder to breed because you have to find an even smaller female Betta.

2/ During mating, if you find that the female Betta was larger and flared at the male Betta continuously, and even worse, chased the male Betta away, stop the breeding immediately. There mating and breeding will be unlikely to success.

3/ Female Bettas will drop its own eggs without mating if it's too ripe. Don't waste it.

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