Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180327 : HM Blue (M) x HMPK Koi (S)

Yes, the continuity of BSL20180305, same pair of Betta fishes and same environment. Both the Bettas were healthy and especially the female, which was full of eggs. Our plan this time was to remove the male Betta once the fry starts to swimming freely (or horizontally).

Log Notes
The female Betta was full of eggs and was swimming slowly in the sorority tank. We've decided to get it out to the same breeding tank.

We didn't realize but the female Betta was dropping eggs on its own and piled it up in the plastic bottle in the breeding tank. Immediately we released it out so it can mate with the male. The male Betta have been busy making the bubble nest. Upon released, both already starting to mate but the female Betta was dropping eggs non-stop (see photo below), even without mating. We suspected that too many eggs within the female itself. Again, pity that we've so many unfertilized eggs. We should have released it and let it mate immediately before we headed up to work this morning. Let's us how this goes!

The female Betta was removed from the breeding tank. There were some eggs in the bubble nest and the male Betta was making more bubbles to make it stronger.

Nope. Again, no eggs were found in the bubble nest or what the remains of it. We're going to give up breeding this HM. Might as well give the HM a good rest and keep it as it.

Cleaned up the breeding tank and moved the male Betta into a smaller plastic jar.

1/ Numerous attempts have been tried with this male Betta. It seemed the effort was fruitless as the male Betta was easily spooked and it was eating up all the fry.

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