Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180419 : HMPK Dumbo (S) x HMPK Koi (S)

In an ad doc manner, SO decided to just started another breeding project using this Dumbo. This was the first time we just simply just threw in another female Betta in such smaller jar and let the pair to "sort things out" themselves. Luckily mating was fast and another spawn was started. For this breeding project, we have tried a few different approaches in spawning and breeding.

1/ Smaller container and no conditioning period as there was no space to put in another tiny jar to isolate the male and female. Luckily the male Betta was not aggressive and did not attacked and injured the female Betta.

2/ Still using leaving the fry with father method. Surprising the fry managed to survive and the male Betta (father) did not eat the whole spawn.

3/ We also added some Ghost/Glass Shrimp into the breeding tank to clean up the algae and become aquarium cleaner.

Male: HMPK Dumbo (S)
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Chill.
Size: Small (2.5cm body only)
Grade: B

The Dumbo was raised since 1.5 months old and it was basically chilling in its own jar. Personality wise, very chill and not aggressive at all. We're not a fan of Dumbo Betta but it's good to have one in our collection to observe the behavour of this species.

Female: HMPK Koi (S)
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Curious and active.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

We can't really recall anything special about this female Betta. All we can remembered was this female Betta was paired up in other breeding projects.

Log Notes
Fry were observed swimming vertically. We've decided to just leave the father Betta within the mating jar and extracted the mother Betta. Spawn size was quite small which was expected as we remembered correctly, the female have been used for other breeding project.

The fry was growing and we've decided to move the growing jar to a new growing tank with lots of Amazon Frogbit. Photo shown below shown the acclimating process.

Here was another photo showed that the male Betta and its fry were still swimming within the plastic jar and still unsure to swim out to the bigger growing tank.

Moved all the Betta into the main female community tank. We assumed that all the Betta left in the tank were female.

1/ Only add Ghost shrimp when the fry have reached certain size. Do not put shrimp with sizes larger than the fry. Both will fight each other during feeding and we've observed torn fins among the fry.

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