Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180506 : HMPK Black Dragon (M) x HMPK Black Dragon (S)

This is probably the worse breeding process ever we've observed and partly it's due to our negligence. We started this breeding project because this is our first spawn which consists of a pair of siblings and more importantly, a pair of Black Dragon.

Male: HMPK Black Dragon
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Very aggressive and brutal.
Size: Small (3.5cm body only)
Grade: B

Female: HMPK Black Dragon
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Curious and active.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

Log Notes
Due to some luck, we managed to buy two pairs of HMPK Black Dragon from a same breeder. Based on the size, we estimated these Bettas were around 3+ months. We decided to let these fishes to settle down as we're too occupied with other breeding projects.

We tried to breed with a pair of Bettas. Due to our carelessness, the male Betta was attacking the female Betta very aggressively during the mating. The female Betta was badly injured and we removed and quarantined the female Betta after two days of severe injuries. It did not survive.

Second mating with another female Betta proven to be successful. We found some eggs in the scattered bubble nest.

Quite a large spawn and we found quite a lot of fry. The male Betta was busy picking up fry and brought back to the bubble nest.

Whole population was wipe out by the male Betta. No a single fry left in the breeding tank.

1/ If the male Betta is very aggressive (pay attention to how much damage it causes the female Betta), remove the female Betta immediately if no eggs were seen in two days. Aggressive male Betta should be monitored very closely.

2/ Refer to point (1). Move the male Betta immediately after the fry swims freely. Aggressive or frighten male Betta may eat the whole fry population.

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