Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180518 : Super Red HMPK (M) x Super Red HMPK (M)

Finally, the time is right to start with breeding project with a pair of Betta from the same type and colour even although it's not a sibling pair. For this breeding project, we're going to ditch the leaving fry with father method and extract the male Betta once the fry start to swim freely.

Male: HMPK Super Red
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Fast and active.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

Another purchased due to attractive low price. Our plan b for Super Red. Initially it was quite fragile and small but over the time, it was moving actively and making bubble. Hence, we decided to proceed ahead with the breeding.

Female: HMPK Super Red
Age: 5+ months
Temperaments: Aggressive.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

The female Betta was used for different breeding project with another Super Red male but it didn't went through due to size difference. The female was larger than the male. For this project, we were concerned about the size differences as well.

Log Notes
Back from work and was sitting in front of the breeding tank. Didn't realized that both pair was mating during in front of me. We're quite surprised that mating started so soon and can't recall when did we put both pair into the breeding tank to condition them.

Jarred the female Betta. Waiting for these eggs to hatch.

Found some fry swam vertically and the male Betta was busy picking them up. Waiting to jar the male Betta by tomorrow.

Nothing found within the breeding tank. Not sure what happened but we assumed no fry survived.

Found some fry but very small and fragile. We've started to fed BBS to them. Will check if everything goes well.

Still some fry within the tank. Decided to keep the male Betta as it's. Once the fry starts to grow a bit and survive the male Betta, will move to our common breeding tank.

Jarred most of the Betta and cleaned up the breeding tank.

Most juvenile Betta grow accordingly and there were around 5 that survived. Unfortunately, no Super Red female Betta found and all male Betta. Below is the sample photo of one of the grown up Betta.

1/ We have a female Betta tank where we put all our female Betta for breeding after a week of quarantine after successful mating. However, some female Betta may bring other kinds of infections back to this tank.

2/ Instead of breeding other types of Betta, best if we can focus on few selected species or colour types. For now, we want to focus on Super Red instead.

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