Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180525 : HMPK Black Dragon (M) x HMPK White Spot + Blue (M)

Decided to give it another try with the same male Black Dragon in BSL20180506. Since the male Betta still making bubble nest in the existing same breeding tank, we've decided to put another female to mate with it. Starting from this batch, we will remove both male and female Betta once the fry starts to swimming freely.

Male: HMPK Black Dragon
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Very aggressive and brutal.
Size: Small (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B

Yup, the same male Betta in BSL20180506. Seemed to be less aggressive these days after several attempts of breeding with it. While it was left alone in the breeding tank, we noticed that it was actively making bubble nest.

Female: HMPK White Spot + Blue
Age: 5+ months
Temperaments: Passive.
Size: Medium (3.5cm body only)
Grade: C

The same female used for breeding in BSL20180326. Little we realized that this female Betta have grown so much and this is probably the largest non-Giant female Betta we have right now.

Log Notes
We decided to put in another female Betta and see how will the male Betta react. For this breeding project, the female Betta was slightly larger than the male Betta and it did not show any slight fear towards to male Betta.

Saw quite a few fry swimming vertically. Surprised to found out that this pair have successfully mated. The male Betta was busy collecting and picking up fry to the fragile bubble nest. Based on the lessons learned in BSL20180506, we immediately jar both the female and male Betta.

The female Betta was growing so well and we noticed that it can produced much eggs. We've decided in future to put her either in a special aquarium tank on her own or a larger community tank. Not a lot of fry, we believe this female Betta can't produce much eggs. Maybe it was not conditioned properly with the right amount of food and so forth.

The male Betta was a bit resistant when we jarred it and quite aggressively of moving around the smaller aquarium tank. Quarantined the male Betta in a quiet and darker place so it won't be stress leaving its fry and new environment.

The male Betta was doing well, although a bit stress and refuse to eat much pellet. The fry was doing fine as well even though the number was quite small. One issue when you removed the male Betta, the idle breeding tank may be infected with Mosquito larvae. We have to manually removed it and feed to other Betta fishes.

1/ We still haven't figure a good way to quarantine the pair after breeding. There were several cases of casualty due to post-breeding infections and stress.

2/ For easy feeding and water maintenance, we merged quite a few spawn together but did not keep track of each spawn. Thus for those small spawn, we're not sure about the growth progress of the Bettas.

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