Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180526 : CT Red + Blue (S) x HMPK White + Blue (S)

Yet another breeding project with Crown Tail (CT) betta. The previous CT breeding project, BSL20180309, did not produce any fry and SO decided to try again.

Male: CT Red + Blue
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Very active.
Size: Small (2.5cm body only)
Grade: C

Our second CT, nothing special about this one except it has been idle there for quite some time and we decided to test out this CT.

Female: HMPK White + Blue
Age: 4+ months
Temperaments: Active.
Size: Medium (2.5cm body only)
Grade: C

The first female from our breeding project, BSL20171231 that was used for this breeding project. We have a spawn of female Betta waiting to be mate with another male Betta so we tried with this one first. Again, nothing particular special about this female Betta.

Log Notes
The CT was purchased and delivered to us. Looked quite small and fragile but it seemed to settle down just right.

We put the pair into a small plastic breeding jar.

Mating started and we saw some eggs. Immediately we removed the female Betta as the breeding jar was too small. The male Betta will attack the female Betta since the container was so small.

Since this small spawn was moved to other breeding tank, till today we still can't find any of its fry. There were no noticeable fry with CT tail. Unfortunately, we have decided that this breeding project was not really successful.

1/ For CT, maybe we should pair it up with another CT female. Otherwise, the gene will not be inherited over to the next generation.

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