Betta Spawn Log : BSL201806008 : Giant Armageddon (M) x Giant Galaxy (S)

An ad-hoc breeding project since we obtained another Giant Betta and quite a few female Giant Bettas were in fertile with eggs. Hence, we decided to proceed with this breeding project.

Male: Giant Armageddon
Age: 7+ months
Temperaments: Active.
Size: Medium (4.0cm body only)
Grade: B

We bought this at the local fish shop near Jalan Pasar as we never have a Betta Armageddon before, moreover it's a giant Betta. This male was quite active and started to make bubble nest every time a female Betta was near its proximity. Since SO like this Betta, we have setup a special tank and minor aquascaping to keep the fish entertained. We suspected that this Giant Betta was quite old due to its humpback.

Female: Giant Galaxy
Age: 8+ months
Temperaments: Fast.
Size: Medium (3.0cm body only)
Grade: B+

Since the last Giant breeding project, BSL20180315, with this female Betta, the fish have been kept separated for any breeding project. We did once try to match this female Betta with a Betta Koi. However, this female Giant was so aggressive to the male Betta and the breeding project was not successful.

Log Notes
Eggs were seen in the bubble nest.

Fry were seen swimming vertically. The female Betta was removed immediately to prevent it from eating the eggs.

The male Betta was extracted and moved back to its own tank. The male seemed to have sudden shock and was seen holding upwards position for a while.

The fry have been growing well and looked healthy. Due to their current growth rate, we have decided to move the whole spawn to another bigger growing tank.

The male Betta / father did not survived and succumbed to illness. We're not sure but we have several cases where these sick Betta have swollen mouth at their side. The typical medication did not works well.

1/ Moving the father male Betta from the spawn turned out to be a right decision. As certain adult Betta may have certain sickness and may infect the whole spawn.

2/ Our quarantine period was too short (2 days) before we decided to use the male Betta for breeding project. It's good to have patience and have longer quarantine period. The issue with have with most Giant Betta was the type of Betta is quite fragile and easily fall sick due to stress. We have, if I remembered correctly, six Giant Betta before and most of them were quite fragile.

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