Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish)

Ubuntu 18.10 was released last week and I've managed to upgrade most of my machines to this newer version. Compare to upgrade experience of 18.04, no show stopper was encountered. Reading through the release notes, it's not a major releases, just some upgrades to existing packages. However, some interesting items caught my attention.

1/ GNOME Disks now supports VeraCrypt. The name sounds familiar until I googled it up. It seemed that VeraCrypt is the fork version of the discontinued TrueCrypt, a popular disk encryption software many moons ago. A few old acquaintances love to use this software to stash their favourite collections.

2/ Sounds over-amplication. This is a welcome needed feature especially if you have lots of music files with incorrect volume range. Previous workaround was to play it through VLC which support this.

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