Scoop: Command Line Application Installer For Windows

While looking through some Rust stuff, I stumbled upon Scoop, a command line application installer for Windows. While there exists package managers for Windows like Chocolatey, Ninite, CoApp, and Babun (a Windows shell for Cygwin), why the needs of another similar tool? Initial impression after setup the tool indicated that Scoop sits between Chocolatey and Babun. It uses PowerShell to manage the console environment and software installation and let you use *nix softwares in Windows environment. Read the wiki for further justification and differences.

Installation is quite straight forward, just open PowerShell and type this command.
iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')

Before we proceed with customization, we must set up the permission so that Microsoft Security Essentials won't slow down our downloads and installation of other softwares.
scoop install sudo
sudo Add-MpPreference -ExclusionPath 'C:\Users\foobar\scoop'

Next, we also need to add additional directory list to the tool. You can see the full list of available software in the `default` and `extra` directory. Get the full list of directories if you want to add more bucket.
scoop bucket add extras

Let's proceed with some customization of the PowerShell console. The default contrast was just too glaring and hurt my eyes. Once you've set this up, restart PowerShell and we will get back the regular *nix terminal prompt (~ $) and Solarized colour theme using concfg, a Windows tool that imports or exports console settings.
scoop install pshazz
scoop install concfg
concfg import solarized-dark

Let's install Git then. It seemed that all the built-in GUI tools were installed as well.
scoop install git
Installing 'git' ( [64bit]
PortableGit-2.20.1-64-bit.7z.exe (40.3 MB) [======================================] 100%
Checking hash of PortableGit-2.20.1-64-bit.7z.exe ... ok.
Extracting dl.7z ... done.
Linking ~\scoop\apps\git\current => ~\scoop\apps\git\
Creating shim for 'git'.
Creating shim for 'gitk'.
Creating shim for 'git-gui'.
Creating shim for 'tig'.
Creating shim for 'git-bash'.
Creating shortcut for Git Bash (git-bash.exe)
Running post-install script...
'git' ( was installed successfully!

Let's try to install another software, my dear Perl. Instead of Cygwin's version, it installed the Strawberry Perl instead.
scoop install perl
scoop which perl

What I like about Scoop? For a start, fast console interface, centralized application installation path (everything in `scroop` folder in your home directory), and you don't need to go to each website and download different Windows installer for any softwares you want to install. Any dislikes? Downloading software packages was quite slow compare to downloading through the web browser.

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