This Month in Review: 2019 Jan

My yearly reflection post in 2018 inspired me to have a daily, weekly, and month journal to jot down my learning notes, thoughts, and reflection. Since today is the end of the first month of 2019, might as well write a review and reflection post for this month.

Writing. Mindless daily rambing but you must do it every day. Surprisingly, on average, I've written about 200 words per day which I believe is a good start after all these years of journaling. Word choices is still a problem though but that can be improved by more reading and writing. Some days were easy, some days were hard. Writer's block does exists and can happen to anyone. How to overcome it? Sit down and allocate a consistent time (countdown timer) and place to write. Forget grammar and other craps. Just churn out all the words that came to your mind. Just write for yourself. Once time is up, wrap up everything and publish the post. The ending of season 2 of BoJack Horseman illustrates this consistency very well where the Jogging Baboon gave BoJack important life advice on jogging, "It gets easier… Every day it gets a little easier… But you gotta do it every day  --- that’s the hard part. But it does get easier." For a more visual perspective, just watch video below.

Reading. There are two parts, research paper review and code reading. Reading aquaculture research papers were something new to me but since I've so many questions watching my SO breeds Betta sp., it becomes quite enjoyable experience since you're reading actively (reading with questions in mind and looking for answers). Even though, there were certain parts way beyond my comprehension. On code reading, going through some Perl's CPAN modules was also something new to me as well. Not much of a review but more towards self-study notes when reading code.

Ornamental fish culture online course. Initially I was surprised and excited when I found this online course. However, after 5 weeks into the course, I've noticed several inconsistency between the slides and the video lecture and worse, certain parts were missing. Compare to similar online courses provided in India and Bangladesh, the differences in effort and presentation was noticeable. Nevertheless, I will continue the online course and use it as a guide to gain more knowledge in ornamental fish culture. The more you've learned about ornamental fish culture, the more enjoyable when visiting any aquarium shops or fish farms. The knowledge you gained allows you to understand why certain things were done in certain ways and prevent us from buying low quality fishes.

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