UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 2: Biology of Ornamental Fish - Body Profiles and Spawning Behaviours

The main purpose of the topic is the categorization of ornamental fish based on its biological aspect in term of body profile and fish spawning behaviour.

Body Profiles
(1) Normal shape.
(2) Torpedo shape.
(3) Club shape.
(4) Hatchet shape.
(5) Worm shape.
(6) Disc shape.
(7) Spindle shape.
(8) Boat shape.

Spawning Behaviours
(1) Bubble-nest builder. These type of fishes build a bubble nest using leaves or any floating fragments like plastic bag and artificial nylon line (I believe is those that used for fruit wrapping). The pair of fishes mated and fertilized eggs are collected into the bubble nest. Known species are Betta and Gourami.

(2) Egg-scatterer. Spawning occurred either in pair or in group. Lots of eggs will be produced during mating and female fishes will scatter eggs to substrate, plants, artificial nets, or just float around. Depending of fish types, eggs are either adhesive (sticky and stick to plants) or non-adhesive. Once spawning is done, the parent fishes will not look after the eggs and will eat the eggs if possible. Known species are Danios, Rasbora, Barb, Cyprinus, Tetras, Koi, and Goldfish.

(3) Egg-burier. This species lay eggs in the mud or sand. Hatching can be postponed due to dry season and reactivated back one there is water. In other words, you can buy these eggs and hatch it later. Known species are Pearlfish and Killifish.

(4) Egg-depositor. This species deposits its eggs in quiet and safe places like wood, plants, glass, rocks, PVC pipes, and rubber cones tower. Known species are Angle, Discus, Clownfish, and Damsel fish.

(5) Live-bearer. Breed like mammals where the female fish carried the juvenile fishes in its stomach and give birth when ready. Known species are Swordtail, Molly, Guppy, Platy, Four-eye, and Piketop fish.

(6) Mouth-brooder. The male or female collects fertilized eggs into its mouth for incubation. Known species are Cichlid and Arowana.

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