UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 5: Ornamental Fish Breeding - Eggs Scatterer & Eggs Depositor

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Eggs Scatterer
Eggs scatterer breed where female fishes (either one or in group) releases its eggs. While these eggs are falling, the male fish will spray its sperm (called milt) to fertilize these eggs. Aquatic substrates or plants needed to capture the eggs. Once spawning is done, the broodstock (in MY they call it "indux") should be removed from the breeding tank. Fish species that spawn in such way are: Goldfish, Koi, Barb, and Zebrafish.

Goldfish. As the video below shows, to identify the gender, the male Goldfish have white spot in pectoral fins (the fins after the fish head just like our ears). Also, the broodstock can be transferred to another breeding tank for another spawn.

In the slide, there is a male to female ratio of 1 female to two males when setting up the breeding tank. I'm not sure why so regarding this gender ratio when breeding. The second Goldfish breeding video use this gender ratio. Also, a larger tank and artificial net compare to previous method. It has been said and Goldfish breeds in the early morning (4am to 7am), I'm not sure how true is this as I've not read any scientific literature on this.

Koi. Similar to Goldfish but larger spawn and size. Hence, the breeding tend to be on a larger scale using artificial breeding or hand breeding method instead as shown in video below.

Off course, back to the natural breeding method. Still remember I kept asking about gender ratio of 2 males and 1 female? According to the video below, this will increase the fertility rate which increase hatch rate. High hatching rate will reduce fungus on eggs and improve water quality.

Eggs Depositor
Fishes within this breeding character comes in its chosen mate (pair for life) and have parental care of its fries until it reach juvenile. The broodstock will chose a substrate like grass, glass, or con to drop its eggs. Example of fishes are Discus and Angelfish (as shown in video below).

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