UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 5: Ornamental Fish Breeding - Bubble­‐nest Builder & Mouth‐brooder

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Bubble-nest Builder
This species built bubble nest around shared area (plants or any plastic cover) as its spawning ground. The male and female fishes will mate and the male will collect fertilized eggs to the bubble nest and incubate these eggs. Famous species are Betta sp. (fighting fish) and Gourami sp.

Betta sp.
Omnivorous and insectivorous. Survive within temperature of 22 - 29°C and pH of 6-8. Male Betta is very territorial and needs to be separated to prevent fighting and injuries. Hence, if a Betta fish flare constantly even at its own image, then surely, the fish is a male. The whole breeding process is shown in video below.

Gourami sp.
Omnivorous. Survive within temperature of 22 - 30°C and pH of 6 - 8.5. Gourami are fash swimmer and less aggressive than Betta sp. Male Gourami have colourful long dorsal and anal fins compare to female. From the video below, Gourami builds bubble nest faster and bigger than Betta sp.

Once mating done and the male fish fertilizes the eggs, the male or female (depend on type of fishes) will collect and incubate these eggs until it's hatched. Famous species are Arowana as shown in the video below.

For commercial farming, fries are harvested and raised artificially. Note that the breeder was scanning the fish for microchip for identification. Do you know one of the largest Arowana farm in MY, Nagamas Aquaculture was owned by Senheng, the electric appliance stores.

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