UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 2: Biology of Ornamental Fish - Famous Species

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Famous Species
These are common ornamental fishes found in most large aquarium shops. Not all aquarium shops (these are really just pet shop) will carry these fishes.

(1) The Tetra. One of the most popular fish in aquarium shop. Small size with bright colours, predominately red. The Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra are the popular beginner fish for those who are ventures into aquascape. Also, a good fish to put into the community tank. As Tetra is egg-scatter, it's easy to breed a large spawn of Tetras. Hence, most of these fishes were sold at around MYR1 till MYR2. We have kept a few for our self for quite a few months before the outbreak of the tank due to lack of maintenance.

(2) The Barbs. Body size is larger than Tetra. The species is aggressive, active, and fast swimmer. If you like to observer a a group of fast swimming fish during feeding time, the Barb is the right fish for your. Colour-wise, mostly gold and silver with some black and red highlight. Similarly, is a egg-scatter, hence prices for Barbs are roughly less than MYR10, depends on species. We have a few Rosy Barb before but need to feed it well to retain the colour and not really a good fish for community tank.

(3) The Catfish. Not what we consider as pretty and colourful fish. Mostly are blackish and brownish in colour. Larger one are treated as good protein food source. Interesting aspect of this type of fish is it has no scale with bony plates and barbells. As these are bottom feeder, most fishkeeper put a few smaller size Catfish such as Corydoras to clean up the aquarium. The local here like to call it DBKL (our local city hall which involved with clean up with city). Price wise, roughly less than MYR15. We've a few before but I can't remember the exact species we have.

Loaches. Bottom feeder, active, and fast swimmer. Not a popular fish in local aquarium shops, only saw a few Clown Loaches.

Livebearers. As the name suggested, these fishes carry its fry within the body. Mostly are Guppies, Mollies, Platies, and Swordtails. Another common and cheap pricing fishes in aquarium shop. Guppies are way more popular compares to other livebearers. We have all these before but not really our type of fishes. Except maybe Guppies, the others are surely lacking in aesthetic, from our point of view.

The Cichlids. These includes Angel, Discus, Parrots, Ramirezi, and Cichlids (African Cichlids). The last one is aggressive and not a good tank mates. We always mistaken African Cichlids as saltwater fishes instead due to it similarity in term of colours. These are mouth-breeder, which you can't get a big spawn. Hence, pricing is higher compare to other fishes.

The Labyrinth. Basically an air-breathing fishes. Immersely popular fishes in every aquarium shop. You will surely find at least one species, especially Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) and Gourami (Dwarf Gourami). Pricing wise, Gourami (less than MYR2) is way cheaper than Betta (MYR 3 till MYR 70). We have quite a few of these in our community tank. Have to be quite careful not to overfeed as a few succumbed to Dropsy.

Crayfish. This is just large freshwater shrimp. Saw quite a few aquarium shops carried this type of fishes. Invasive species and not supposed to be throw into your local rivers. Depending on size, not a good tank mates for other fishes. We were thinking about adding a few crayfishes (as our bottom feeder) to our community tank but gave up that idea as this can be easily replaced by Ghost Shrimp, which was way way cheaper.

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