UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Overview

The recent movie release of Aquaman piqued my interest in Fishery and I was pleasantly surprised when I found this UMT MOOC on Ornamental Fish Culture, more so from our local university, University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). UMT is one of the leading maritime (navigation or commerce on the sea) and marine science (the study of ocean) university in Malaysia. As the name of the university suggested, this university is located in Terengganu, a state in the northern part of Malaysia. I applauded the effort to push this course as MOOC as this is a niche subject and the location of the university is located far north. Based on my initial impression, the university was pushing hard in providing good MOOC as seen from its You Tube channel (although the auto-generated transcript provides another form of entertainment).

The main purpose of this course is to expose learner on the science and industry of ornamental fish in term of management, development, breeding, and rearing. If you're an amateur fish breeder, it's good to learn the science behind fish breeding instead of multiple trials and errors without any good sense of directions. Our goal is, hopefully in future, we can breed those wild Bettas (endangered species if possible) successfully or any tropical fishes of our liking.

The course syllabus as follows:
  1. Introduction to ornamental fish industry
  2. Biology of Ornamental Fish
  3. Quality Characteristic Determining
  4. Nutrition of Ornamental Fish
  5. Ornamental fish breeding
  6. Selective Breeding and Biotechnology
  7. Seed Production of Ornamental Fish
  8. Principles of water quality managements
  9. Culture systems
  10. Aquarium decorations
  11. Disease and Treatment

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