UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 1: Popular Tropical Fishes

Further elaboration on previous post.

Below are the list of popular tropical fishes grouped by family. I've created a separate blog post to further elaborate more details on each group of fishes. Since there is no source on how this information was collected and tabled, I assumed it's from Department Fishery of Malaysia. Googling around, I've found two large fish farms, Sanwa (SW) and Qian Hu (QH) in Malaysia and did a comparison of types of tropical ornamental fishes provided by these fish farms against the original list (OL) in the slide. Based on my initial comparison, it seemed the OL is not comprehensive and some fishes were put into the wrong category instead.

OL: Barb, Danio, Goldfish, Koi, Sharks, Rasbora
SW: Algae Eater (3), Barb (30), Danio (24), Goldfish (30), Koi (10), Loaches (34), Rasbora (21)
QH: Algae Eater (5), Barb (43), Danio (26), Goldfish (45), Koi (9), Loaches (26), Sharks (7), Rasbora (25)

I'm not sure why both Goldfish and Koi was put into "cold water" category in their catalogues.

Cobitids / Cobitidae
OL: Loaches, Botia, Ghost Fish
SW: Loaches (0), Botia (0), Ghost Fish (0)
QH: Loaches (0), Botia (0), Ghost Fish (0)

Loaches can be categorized into other families. Both farms don't carry this family of fishes.

Cypinodontidss / Cyprinodontidae
OL: Kili , Asst. Fish, Pleacotomus, Betta, Flying Fox, Blood Parrot
SW: Kili (0), Asst. Fish (0), Pleacotomus (0), Betta (0), Flying Fox (0), Blood Parrot (0)
QH: Kili (0), Asst. Fish (0), Pleacotomus (0), Betta (0), Flying Fox (0), Blood Parrot (0)

I believe the list is wrong. Betta and Blood Parrot shouldn't be put here.

OL: Pelaga, Gouramy, Corydoras
SW: Pelaga (8), Gouramy (42), Corydoras (0)
QH: Pelaga (19), Gouramy (42), Corydoras (0)

Again, Corydoras shouldn't be under the family here. Pelaga is Malay name for Betta fish.

OL: Molly, Guppy, Planty, Swordtail, Mino
SW: Molly (8), Guppy (14), Platy (15), Swordtail (11), Mino (0)
QH: Molly (105), Guppy (39), Platy (100), Swordtail (47), Mino (0)

I'm surprised that QH have so many species of Molly, Platy, and Swordtail.

OL: Tetra, Silverdollar, Putter Fish
SW: Tetra (48), Silverdollar (0) Putter Fish (0)
QH: Tetra (58), Silverdollar (0), Putter Fish (0)

Tetra is the most popular fish here. You can find it in all aquarium shop. I suspected that "Putter Fish" is actually "Puffer Fish".

OL: Angel, Oscar, Discus, Chichlid, Ramaresi
SW: Angel (20), Oscar (0), Discus (24), Chichlid (96), Ramaresi (12)
QH: Angel (38), Oscar (5), Discus (23), Chichlid (61), Ramaresi (0), Blood Parrot (12)

OL: Pearl, Arowana, Black Arowana, Silver Arowana, Rainbow Fish
SW: Pearl, Arowana (14), Black Arowana (0), Silver Arowana (0), Rainbow Fish (0)
QH: Pearl, Arowana (14), Black Arowana (0), Silver Arowana (0), Rainbow Fish (0)

Callchthyids / Callichthyidae
OL: Catfish, Suler Mouth
SW: Catfish (36), Suler Mouth (0)
QH: Catfish (0), Suler Mouth (0)

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