UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 6: Ornamental Fish Breeding - Biotechnology Application

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Biotechnology application of genetic modification provides an alternative approach to selective breeding to combine different quality traits to increase production, improve aesthetic in term of colours and patterns, and enhance immunity against microbial infection. Biotechnology have been applied to control the sex of fishes (same sex populations), delay sexual maturity (delay aging and increase growth),  manage the reproduction cycle (gametogenesis and spawning), and genetic improvement (resistance to disease and stress).

While Genetically Modified fish (GM fish) for recreation purpose poses less risks than those for human consumption, regulation is still needed to ensure that there are no ecological concerns. However, GM fish which have larger growth and immunity, when introduced or escaped from fish farms to local native environment, may affect the native population. These fishes may end up as invasive species that causes negative effects.

One of the famous genetic modified ornamental fish is the Fluorescent Angelfish as shown in video below. Gimmicky as it seemed but still a subjective taste on this type of fish.

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