This Week I Learned 2019 - Week 09

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What else I've learned this week not within this post? Going through the seventh week of ornamental fish culture on Phytoplankton, feeding schedule, Infosuria and Rotifier. The review paper of this week is on using fruit fly maggots as an alternative food source for breeding Betta splendens. We also looked into two Perl modules, Carp and Carp::Always.

What is a FrakenPad? (via HN) The nicest thing about Thinkpad lappy is modularity where each computer components are interchangeable in some way of another with minor hack. Till today, many still preferred the classic ideal keyboard layout instead of the island-style keyboard layout even though the focus group study proved the later style is preferable. No doubt, based on the study, tactile and audio feedback is better with island-style, but the new keyboard layout is way better with classic-style. And yet, till today, it still puzzled me why can't Lenovo create a T25 with good screen and hardware specification which leads to the creation of FrakenPad or mods from China? Perhaps it's manufacturing processes or costs? Or maybe it's because of Apple?

Should you ditch your phone? (via HN) No. And you should focus on features that enrich your life instead of making you additive. There are many ways to reduce the addiction, for example, switch your phone screen to grayscale. By doing so, you still retain those smart phone features (e.g. Maps) that you need and at the same time, reduce your phone usage. For those who prefer more constraints but still retain Internet connectivity, the newly released Nokia 210 feature phone is a good choice. Instead of creating intervention on your device, perhaps we should create our own self-constraints, discipline.

为什么传统武术这么弱? 看了《倭寇的踪迹》,现实的武术其实一点都不浪漫,脱离实战。整套电影颠倒了传统武侠片的浪漫情怀,更倾向冷幽默及反思的电影。

What is a Magpie developer? Do you love latest greatest shinny new tech? If yes, then high chances that you're a Magpie developer. And contrary to the article, there is nothing wrong being one. The world is moving fast and attention span is short and expensive. One thing about tech after all these Interweb years, we kept re-discover and re-label existing tech with fancy new names.

How hard is to line breeding your Betta sp.? Hard, especially on certain species. Furthermore, you must obtain good broodstock with quality traits and ensuring the at least four generations. The next challenge we normally faced is the broodstock won't breed, even though both fishes were healthy and well-conditioned. The obtain pure quality traits, you must ensure the broodstock still alive during these periods (2 till 3 years) to breed again with the next generation fishes.

What is something no one really tells you about getting older? Focus right, eat correctly, and sleep well.

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