UMT MOOC: Ornamental Fish Culture - Topic 7: Seed Production - Larval Rearing - Carassius auratus, Goldfish

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Carassius auratus or commonly known as Goldfish is one of the most popular ornamental fish in the world. We have discuss about the quality characteristics and numerous species. As with most fishes, feeding should be done in delicate manner in larvae stage as fishes at the stage are too fragile and sensitive to sunlight.

Goldfish have preference for live feed for all stages of its life cycle. Artemia nauplii or Brine Shrimp is suitable for fry and Mosquito larvae, for fingerling, juvenile, and adult. For best optimal growth, for the first 14 days, feed with Artemia nauplii. For the next 14 - 21 days, feed with a mix of Artermina nauplii and dry feed (Source: Comparison of the nutritional status of goldfish (Carassius auratus) larvae fed with live, mixed or dry diet). When the fish reach juvenile or adulthood stage, 21 days after post-hatching, live feed as such Mosquito larvae is economically cheaper and suitable due to its high protein content.

For feeding frequency, twice per day is optimal for body weight gain (Source: Influence of Feeding Frequency on Growth performance and Body Indices of Goldfish (Carrassius auratus)).

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