Betta Spawn Logs

Aquarium is a calm and enchanting places. As a way to keep herself occupied and escaping from busy working life, my significant other (SO) have been indulging herself with Betta fish keeping and breeding. As someone who like to keep a journal, I've volunteered to help out by jotting down my observation and discussion about the breeder and her Betta fish spawning and breeding process.

Some notes about the spawning and breeding techniques:
  • Indian Almond leaf extract. Take a few dried leaves and mixed with hot water into a glass. Pour into the breeding tank when the leaf extract was cold.
  • Aquarium plants like Amazon Frogbit or Drawf Lettuce.
  • Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS), water flea, blood worm, or pellet.
  • One bubble wrap for building bubble nest.
  • Cut out of plastic bottle. To hold the female Betta during conditioning period.
  • Shallow water aquarium tank.
  • Leaving father with fry. 14 years ago, Victoria Stark have written her personal note (part 1 and part 2) on this breeding method. There were quite a good forum discussion on this breeding method as well.

Below is the index page of all the current and past Betta fish spawn logs. Some legends:

Breeding status.
  • (S) - Success. Spawn is large and the fry is growing well.
  • (P) - Partially success but the growth rate was slow, the male or female Betta did not survive, or the spawn is too small.
  • (F) - Failed. No spawn produced or the whole spawn was succumb to illness or eaten up by the male Betta.
Betta size.
  • (L) - Large size.
  • (M) - Medium size.
  • (S) - Small size.

Year 2019

  • (S) - BSL20190115 : HMPK Candy (M) x HMPK Candy (S)

Year 2018


Year 2017


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