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This Week I Learned - 2016 Week 40

Last week post or the whole series.

My sentiments exactly. See comment below regarding chasing fad in technology development and especially PHP programming language. Do I actually miss PHP? Not really. But I think most of the web development systems still can be solved using PHP-based solutions. Barrier of entry to web development using PHP still the best choice.
Incidentally, this isn't unique to the front-end. I've seen the same thing happen with the SQL->ORM->Mongo->Couch->SQL nonsense, or the myriad of templating engines written for PHP, a language that itself is a templating engine.

Using Node.js? Need a basic system with essential features to bootstrap your system? Look no further than Hackarthon Starter.

The difference between Ponzi, Pyramid, and Matrix Scheme. A lot of young people, especially fresh graduates need to aware and prevent themselves from falling for such scams. The pitch of being your own boss or retire early may sounds too good to be true.

Sometimes the documentation written for a certain API, Data::ICal was so confusing that you have to resolve to searching source code written by others using the same API itself at here, here, here, and here. Can't blame the API author as the standard itself, RFC 5455 is as confusing and complicated.

Google Interview University (via HN). Instead of working for a company, why not strive to work with great people instead? Google is so big and not every team is equal. Agree with one of the comment, this is a good compilation of resource for computer science study. Which reminds me again of the Programmer Competency Matrix. Instead of focusing on the computer science stuff, why not focusing on building stuff? Someone needs to read the interview of famous programmers on their background.

Getting older but still enjoy working as a programmer? Read Reflections of an "Old" Programmer, especially the comments from the blog post itself, HN, and Reddit. The main question here is how do you age gracefully as a programmer? Lifelong learning, especially the fundamentals (the core of computer science, not latest greatest fad frameworks), as those things never changed. I blogged about this last year, during my career detour as a non-programmer role, still technical though.

Didn't realize that to use PowerTop properly, first you will need to calibrate it after installation to collect measurement data. The whole process will take a while and networking will be disabled during that period.
$ sudo apt-get install powertop
$ sudo powertop --calibrate
$ sudo powertop --auto-tune

Besides that, you can turn off unwanted running services to save a bit more battery.
$ service --status-all

Upgrade to LXD 2.3 failed to due a spelling bug in bridge network upgrade script. Fixing the bug manually and restart the installation process again.
$ sudo apt-get install -f

However, new container created don't have a default network bridge. Re-enable this resolved the issue.
$ lxc network attach lxdbr0 test-alpine
$ lxc restart test-alpine

Original and Non-Original Battery

Is it just me or some Placebo weird crap ? After switching to an original Lenovo   , application in Ubuntu seemed to run faster, especially the dreadful slow Chrome browser.

Checking the battery status from the terminal using UPower tool.
$ upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 | grep -E "state|to\ full|percentage"

    state:               charging
    time to full:        4.2 hours
    percentage:          28.1695%

As shown above, the new battery need 4.2 hours for a full charged. Rather long compare to the non-original battery which only need 1.5 hours. Why the difference? No idea what so ever.

To extend your battery life, it best not to hold full charge for a long period of time and keep the battery in 40% to 80% charged range. Unfortunately, my beloved  E420, sadly is not a real Thinkpad does not (shown below) has Tp smapi support which can regulate battery charging within the threshold range.
$ sudo apt-get install tp-smapi-dkms
$ sudo modprobe tp_smapi
ERROR: could not insert 'tp_smapi': No such device or address

How then ? The only best way to extend the battery life is remove it when not using and keep your laptop temperature cool. Or alternative, write a script to monitor your battery charging within this range and notify you when to start and stop charging.