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This Week I Learned 2018 - Week 22

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It actually dawned to me that `eval` is quite similar to try-catch block. If your language did not have the support of try-catch exception handling, `eval` (yes it's evil) is your friend. Even Try::Tiny have its own issues. Perl is really a f-up programming language.

VS Code can do that? (via HN) I still haven't have time to install VS Code in my lappy and set up all the necessary configuration and settings.

What's the point of Perl's map? To transform list without using for (each) loop. Is as simple as that and yet we still having hard time understand that? Another good discussion on different between `map` and `grep`, the former is to process a list, the later is to filtering a list.

Containers according to xkcd. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.

30 is too old for tech job in China. (via HN)

REST API tutorial. Yes, I've done a few wrapper for third parties API and two common issues are not up-to-date documentation and inconsistency, especially when handling different HTTP responses.

Block EU users from accessing your site due to complication of implementing GDPR. Brilliant or just simply crazy. And then you have the GDPR compliance checklist or search through the whole GDPR legislation document instead from the original source or community curated info. GDPR is probably the best things that happened to protect user privacy and reduce the abuse of any organizations on handling our personal data.

"Just write. You'll find your own voice". Probably the best common advice given to anyone who wish to become better at writing. For something related to writing, Janki Method, an approach to learning. When you learn something new, write it down but in an approach of question and answer. Maybe you can use a flash card or something.

Stack Overflow for Team. Interesting, very interesting indeed. I chuckled when I saw this feature was released. Wonder how it likes to re-implemented someone else features. Yeah, we should see things from both ends. DRY can be violated if necessary, only if necessary.

Yeah, making money is nothing but how much you care about making money (emphasis added).
Caring a lot about specifically making money is, in my opinion, absolutely key to making money, because otherwise you just end up focusing on other things (family, pleasures, ideals, etc.). If I wanted to make money, I'd design a very different thing in a very different way compared to if I wanted to make something me and my circle of friends would find useful. These things are practically disjoint.

This Week I Learned - 2016 Week 10

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#1 Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes. Lessons learned from three container-management systems over a decade. Surprised to discovered that the recently released Kubernetes is not the latest container-management systems used internally at Google. Three people (two being non-technical) have brought up Kubernetes for the past two months. So it seems, the container fad have finally caught up in the local IT scene here.

#2 Modifiers. Add variety to in writing your sentences. May not be that suitable for technical writing. Should be fun to experiment different types of modifiers (resumptive, summative, or free) in exploring Writing Prompts.

#3 Shintarō Midorima, better long range basketball shooter than Stephen Curry? Which reminds me of this article I've read on The Steph Curry Fallacy. You can't just be another Stephen Curry without having the supporting environment and people to "nurture" your talent.

#4 SSHTron. Multiplayer Tron in your terminal. Not sure how they did it but it was technical fun and interesting.