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This Week I Learned 2019 - Week 10

Last week post or something from the archive posts.

What else I've learned this week not within this post? Continue with the seventh week of ornamental fish culture learning. This week we looked into Zooplankton which consists of Artemia and Copepods; and Moina and Daphina. In addition, we also study artificial and processed feed as well as light intensity, water current, and exchange frequency. Related the paper we reviewed this week is on culturing techniques of Moina. And lastly, Mojo::Util is the Perl module of the week.


Should you still customize your GNU/Linux setup? (via HN). 22 years of usage and I still customize from time to time due to necessities or personal delicate preferences . As you get older, you're pretty much just stick to the default Desktop environment settings with some additional GNOME shell extensions. The only heavy customization is still at the console end, exactly like the author's post on customization.

To OO or not to OO in Perl? Is always better to OO as the system grows and it will. Otherwise you will end up with system done in PHP with a bunch of global functions.

What should we use to create textual UI in console? Dialog is the default available option and work with Bash. Off course there are libraries exists for different programming languages.