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PHP Successor?

"A lot of those "modern PHP" libraries are basically a masochistic exercise in copying designs that make sense in Java into PHP where they make no sense.

PHPT style tests wouldn't make sense in Java. And Java style Unit test frameworks make no sense in PHP.

However all those blindly supporting this, can please continue to waste their time, for the benefit of making sure they're buzzword compliant & in sync with groupthink."
-- mantrax [1], emphasis added

Sigh. My feeling exactly.

PHP the language has starting to show its age and limitation. From a template language, to a procedural scripting web language, and now a mutated siblings of Java-wannabe. Ironically, even Java web development itself is moving towards a scripting based language like Groovy.

I am hoping Facebook's HHVM will slowly replace PHP (Zend Engine), and, if possible, steer the direction of the language itself. Again, by replacing it with the Hack. They (Facebook) have all the resources to make this works.