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Note to self - 2014-06-19

I've a feeling that Vagrant and Google Chrome hates each other. I can understand Vagrant or Virtual Box is resource intensive but Chrome with just one tab with Gmail opened? Seriously?

The curse of PHP. Once you've been stereotyped as programmer of certain programming language, is hard to switch or move to another language.

Talking about being absent minded. Nearly lost my whole bag, didn't realized it until I traveled for hours.

Note to self - 2014-06-08

One of the benefit of writing a journal is that you'll have the opportunity to reflect back and monitor your progress of your life. Especially how you got where you are right now.

Due to nature of my workplace, I'm slowly getting into the habit of weekly review and keep track of my time usage, something that may be frowned upon by others, but I believe is the right approach if you want to be very aware of you time usage.

For the past two days, I've switched my working style. No more coding with a lappy while lying down. Just sat at my table with dual-monitors and code and write. The noisy workstation still bother me but I'm slowly getting used to it. Productivity seems to increase and you seemed to accomplish something. Whether this is the right thing? Not sure.

While I'm a firm believer in computer user freedom and even set up a monthly donation to them, but what's my Free Software Activities? Sadly, none. However, what if I allocate two to three hours per week for such activities. Let's see how this goes.

More on Bash scripting. I've learned and relearned quite a few things today while writing a small script for setting up my development machine.

Note to self - 2014-06-07

Most chassis and CPU fans use either a three pins or four pins connector. Not for HP Proliant server, different and proprietary. Their fan connector has six bloody pins. To make matter worse, these fans, sounds like a bloody vacuum cleaner. Imagine sitting next to that machine with a dbA of 79! No, you can't unplug the fan, Power-on self-test (POST) will fail!

Next time be extra careful when you're looking for a battle station. Remember to check the motherboard carefully, especially the noise and parts. Most server board contains proprietary pins and it's not easy and cheap to source these replacement parts.

If I can't still find another way to resolve this noise issue, I'll need to start another fund to get another Xeon-based quad-core workstation. Why Xeon and not i7/i5 ? Well, is not a gamer gig and furthermore, is nice to have make -j N.
Always find a way to speed up your daily routine. Pick anything around you that can be automated. As someone who spent roughly 50/50 of his time between the console and a browser, it never occurs to me that you can google from command line.

Lots of Bash coding today. Not sure why, I'm kind of have a certain liking to Bash script. Today I learned about shell bultin, passing all arguments to a function using "[email protected]", and ``backtick and $(cmd) for command substitution. The latter is preferred because you can have nested commands.

Note to self - 2014-06-05

1. Taobao, slowly but surely, will replace the local ecommerce players as the go to destination for online purchasing. Nothing interesting among them, just another reseller of items procured from merchants in Taobao. The real money or profit still flow through logistic, or to be specific, freight forwarder.

2. Watching items being purchased online in real-time was quite an additive activity. You will be surprised by the types of item purchased online and some of these items are dirt cheap! I'm so going to create a dashboard to load these purchases using my underutilized monitor.

3. What do you call a PHP programmer who are in the midst of switching to another programming language like Python? A better PHP programmer. Ouch.

4. PHP vs. Python. Python is a better when you want to learn more about programming in general or be a better developer. While PHP is great when you want to create something fast for the web. Contrary to popular belief, Python is not a beginner friendly language. By the way, PHP is a web template language. Which one makes you happy? Neither. But is good to finally escape from PHP after all these 10 years. For me, PHP is "cari makan" and Python is to stimulate my bored mind.

Yup. No more pyc files scatter around. Only for Python 2.6 though.

6. Read the bloody change logs. Seriously, when you're upgrading any software or libraries, please remember to read the bloody change logs.

7. Awareness, acceptance, and courage are the keys to become a better estimator. First, you must aware of your current situation. Second, you must accept the current limitation either in your or your surrounding. Third, you must have the courage to make hard decision and mistakes to go ahead.

Note to self - 2014-06-06

Never get yourself burned by Python libraries incompatibility issues again. Is like you're lost in a maze and keep returning to the same old spot.

Learning two programming at one time? Overwhelming but it a fun stimulating experience. I should be more aggressive and start churning out stuff.

Average emails wrote per day this week? Two. More opportunity to practice my writing and communication skills..

When you realized that you forgot to eat your lunch, it implied two things. Either you're too occupied with your current task or you've fscked up your digestive system. I'm both.

Are you a pragmatic or idealist programmer? Neither. Stop asking and just coding. Create. Build. Start.